Asked Questions

Published on 10/01/2020


What is Random Lunch?

Random Lunch is an HR tool that allows employees of large companies to have lunch with their colleagues from different departments.

Random Lunch helps employees feel better connected and happier at work, contributing to their productivity and well-being.

Why do we need Random Lunch?

Lunch between colleagues, when you don't know each other, it's very difficult: you have to dare to contact people, and take the time to organize the lunch. The Random Lunch platform makes these two steps transparent for employees, who are thus naturally led to do it regularly.

Is it possible to meet employees from other companies?

Random Lunch has chosen to privilege meetings within the same company. The bond that unites two colleagues is very strong and Random Lunchs allow to develop it.

Is Random Lunch free for employees?

Yes, the billing of the service applies only to the company.

Who's buying lunch?

The Random Lunches are normal lunches, so it is naturally the participants who pay for their drinks. However, it is of course possible for the company to occasionally offer lunch to the participants.

Why do Random Lunches always take place in groups of four?

We have chosen to structure the Random Lunches in groups of 4 because it is a magic number: it allows shy people not to find themselves in the intimate situation of a tête-à-tête, it allows not to hold the candle in a group of 3, not to look for a fifth chair at the tables of 4 of the restaurants and to avoid the hubbub of too many groups. Furthermore, the 4-way format is optimized for bonding and has the flexibility of being able to combine group conversation with 2-way conversations.


How do I register?

The "Register" button, on the home screen of the application, allows you to enter your professional email address and a password of your choice. A confirmation email is sent to your professional email box and will allow us to confirm your identity and your membership to the company. After clicking on the activation link, you can connect to the application and discover your colleagues. Random Lunch is only accessible through a subscription taken out by the company.

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What happens if an employee finally can't make it to a Random Lunch?

If he is unable to attend, an employee may well cancel his lunch. But it's obviously better to keep it exceptional.

What happens if the company does not have a canteen?

Lunch takes place where employees are accustomed to it.

How do I set up the HR administrator account?

Nothing could be simpler! Once the license is ordered, the HR department receives an email containing an activation link sending them back to a dashboard dedicated to their company where the following information will be requested: login email, password, legal lunch schedule, meeting place and company logo.

Setting up

How to set up Random Lunch in the company?

Once the license has been ordered and the HR administrator account set up in a few seconds, it's time to notify employees of the availability of Random Lunch in the company. To do so, we provide you with a customizable email frame that you can distribute in 3 ways: by email, by display and via the intranet.

Is training required to use Random Lunch?

No, no training or installation is required to use Random Lunch. Fun and intuitive, Random Lunch is as easy to use as a Doodle.

How do I add a new user later?

The turnover of a company implies regular entries and exits of employees. You have access to the list of registered employees, and with a simple click you can manually add and remove a user. However, we recommend that you integrate the sending of the service's presentation email (the same one you sent the first time to all users) into the integration process for new recruits.


How to organize the first Random Lunch?

You only have to click on the day(s) on which you want to organize random lunches, Random Lunch takes care of the rest: invite registered employees to participate in the next event, inform them of their integration to a group of 4 employees, manage the management of cancellations.