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Step 1

Dedicated platform

When you decide to join the Tribalee adventure, a dedicated platform is created for you in the format, then it is set up according to your needs.

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Step 2

Account creation

Your platform is ready, all you have to do is invite your collaborators! Either you send them the registration link, or you automatically create their account by importing a CSV file containing their emails.

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Step 3

Setting up

All right, everybody ready? Then all you have to do is turn on the mini-events! Schedule a recurrence for Tribalee to organize them on its own and all year round, or organize one-off, contextualized events to mark your highlights (moving house, QWL week...).

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Step 4

Autonomous organization

Once the instructions are received, Tribalee organizes the mini-events on its own: it invites your employees to participate with a simple click, reminds them, takes into account the unavailability, matches the groups, sends the appointments, then collects the feedback of the participants.

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Step 5

Data analysis

At the end of each mini-event, Tribalee sends you a compilation of the feedback as well as the statistics generated. Now you no longer waste time organizing team building, but you can devote it to analyzing your internal event activity to detect successful integrations, measure employee commitment or the evolution of the work atmosphere.

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use Tribalee

Tribalee produces all your internal communication supports to ensure high participation rates: illustrations, videos, emailings, posters, kakemonos...

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Mini-events can be organised occasionally or all year round.


Each mini-event can be customised according to the context.


Invitations are sent to everyone or to certain populations.


Non-registrants are manually or automatically restarted.


Participants shall be notified so as to reduce the no-show rate.


Participants are automatically notified of cancellations


Registrations, refusals and cancellations are monitored


Participants are matched according to your meeting criteria.


Each group receives a score according to your meeting criteria.


Each mini-event can be analyzed in a dashboard.


All your data can be downloaded in CSV format.


The level of commitment of each participant is measurable


Participants give their opinion at the end of each mini-event


Participants meet physically or by videoconference


Accounts can be created manually or via a CSV file.


The progress of all mini-events is visible at a glance


Participants can easily exchange before a mini-event


Participants can find all their colleagues in the trombinoscope.


Each newcomer can be automatically introduced to the others.


Participants can temporarily close their account

The security of your data

is our priority

Confidential. When you access Tribalee, your connection is authenticated using the Spring Security framework to ensure communication integrity. To ensure the confidentiality of your data, communications between servers are carried out using HTTPS protocol and a TLS v1.2 SSL certificate.

Demanding. Our infrastructure meets the security requirements of large groups, whose security needs are very high. Our practices meet the OWASP requirements (Top 10 2017), thus avoiding the main security risks.

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Made in France. Our data is hosted on servers located in the Paris region. Our backups are made daily to ensure continuity of service in case of problems.

All of our internal processes, contracts and products have been updated to be totally in accordance with the GDMP. Similarly, we systematically verify the compliance of our suppliers before any business relationship. More information at

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