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Aurélie Antunes

Training and Development Officer @ Banque Internationale à Luxembourg

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Banque Internationale à Luxembourg

Banque Internationale à Luxembourg is a key player in Luxembourg's financial centre offering retail banking, private banking, corporate banking, etc. services. The majority of our 2,000 employees are based in the heart of Luxembourg City. This centralised organisation enables us to foster an agile environment and shorten decision-making circuits.

In what context

did you start Tribalee?

Every year more than 200 people are committed to the BIL. Internal mobility is also extremely favoured in the development plan of our employees. Thus many of them can find themselves in a new environment, even if they have several years of career with us.

We believe that sharing and curiosity are essential principles for the good functioning of the teams but also for their good understanding. We have therefore launched this initiative in 2018 in the hope of stimulating new encounters but also to extend everyone's network internally.

What objectives does Tribalee meet

in your company?

We started Random Lunch in order to create more links between employees, regardless of their functions and hierarchical positions in the company. In a large structure such as ours, friendliness and openness to others are key values for the success of "living together".

We are multiplying initiatives to enable employees to get together around common passions or projects. This initiative allows us to offer everyone a privileged moment with colleagues they might not have met in the course of their work. It also allows us to discover each other's jobs, their daily lives and their reality in the field.

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How was it received

the concept by the employees?

All right! It was an immediate success. We launched this initiative in the middle of the summer school holidays and the results were immediate. Both in terms of participation, where more than 10% of employees have already participated at least once in a Random Lunch, and in terms of experience.

The feedback we receive is excellent and this is an opportunity for us to rediscover the richness of our working environment, which is home to a multitude of professions and cultures with more than 20 nationalities, all in a common environment.

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