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In a nod to its mythical Parisian address at 24 rue de Sèvres, Le Bon Marché is inventing a new online shopping experience by launching its 24 Sèvres digital platform. It is here, since 1852, that Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche, the first department store in the world to be founded, has made shopping a true art de vivre. With a sharp selection of the most beautiful objects, Le Bon Marché has always offered a daring look at Parisian fashion.

What is your policy

of workplace wellness?

We all spend a large part of our week at work, so for us, the quality of life in the office starts with the understanding between colleagues.

Proximity is a key value in our corporate culture, and we have put in place several initiatives in this regard. The Random Lunch is one of them.

In what context

did you start Tribalee?

We are a young company that has experienced rapid growth. The employees who joined the project in its early stages were beginning to lose contact with the newcomers on a daily basis, and the Random Lunch created this moment of encounter right from the start.

Within our teams, we find very different and often specialised professions, and the Random Lunch also made it possible to reinforce the mix and conviviality among individuals who were not always led to work together naturally.

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Which objective is being met

Tribalee at 24 Sèvres?

The Random Lunch allows us a natural and warm integration of newcomers, and it is a lever to reinforce our corporate culture based on proximity.

The feedback we receive is excellent and this is an opportunity for us to rediscover the richness of our working environment, which is home to a multitude of professions and cultures with more than 20 nationalities, all in a common environment.

How did you communicate and
contextualize Tribalee

to your employees during its deployment?

We use Slack as a communication tool within the company, it is through it that we have announced in a playful way the implementation of the Random Lunch.

The excitement was immediate and measurable, because Slack allows a more interactive and instantaneous exchange than an email.

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What have been

the key success factors?

Since exemplarity is also a very important notion at 24 Sèvres, the involvement of the management and managers was particularly key to the success of this initiative.

So we have seen the involvement of employees at all levels: managers, executives, trainees, all participate enthusiastically in the Random Lunch, and so far we have seen a good mix of groups between departments, between new and old, seniors and juniors.

How was it received

the concept by the employees?

The concept has been enthusiastically received as an opportunity to take time for oneself and others in a busy week for all.

The surprise effect of the groups is particularly pleasing, and our teams let themselves be carried along by the algorithm to have a good time with colleagues whom they get to know better.

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What results

have been observed?

We started Random Lunch in order to create more links between employees, regardless of their functions and hierarchical positions in the company. In a large structure such as ours, friendliness and openness to others are key values for the success of "living together".

We are multiplying initiatives to enable employees to get together around common passions or projects. This initiative allows us to offer everyone a privileged moment with colleagues they might not have met in the course of their work. It also allows us to discover each other's jobs, their daily lives and their reality in the field.

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