In Covid time, Tribalee introduces remote team building.

The Team Building


Tribalee organizes all by itself and all year round mini-events for your teams. In physics or in video!

More than 250 companies trust us

We make Team Building


No more complicated, old-fashioned, expensive infrequent team building that disturbs the day-to-day running of the company.

We make team building optimised, regular and simple... Tribalee organises events independently throughout the year!

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A range

of mini-events

Let your organization vibrateto the rhythm of your mini-events: mystery lunches with colleagues, breakfasts with management, sponsorship of new employees, serious games to facilitate managerial relations, and more... in the company, or at home!

All it takes

is one click!

Tribalee is not a tool that needs to be appraised - it requires neither action nor managers nor an employee.

It automatically creates an account for each employee then organizes alone, day after day, all your mini-events from A to Z.

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You choose which encounters to favor: mixing departments, breaking down reporting lines, integrating new recruits...

We enrich your company culture… and we’ve got the data to prove it!

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As an agency, Tribalee realizes all your internal communication supports.

The results are undeniable - Tribalee brings life to your company!

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Several formats depending on your objectives: recruitment, onboarding, innovation or bringing some excitement to the day-to-day...

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Why use


Team Building

Divide the cost of your internal events by 20

Internal mobility

Collet data from each mini-event

Internal Com.

Bring your company to life with zero organisational effort


Efficiently integrate your new arrivals

HR Transformation

Accompany your change management with innovations


Increase employee well-being and retention

Employer brand

Improve your rating in employer classification

Corporate culture

Reinforce your culture through the values of sharing and exchanging


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Tribalee during

the Coronavirus crisis

Discover our reports from users who have changed the way they work during the Covid period.

Tribalee during

the Coronavirus crisis

At the announcement of the confinement, Tribalee adapted its software and mini-events to the video to offer team building at home and thus overcome the isolation of employees in generalized teleworking.

Discover the video-interviews of the HR & communication managers.

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