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At comet, we are convinced that it is not technology but people that will determine the future of work. At a time when the entrepreneurial path is echoing a generation in search of meaning, many engineers are choosing to become freelancers. The comet team's mission is to build today the way they will work tomorrow:
- 2500+ freelancers make up our community
- 150+ clients entrust us with their tech & data projects
- 13M€ raised from prestigious investors

What are

your values?

We are a startup founded in 2016 by three friends. What first formed the DNA of comet is its transparent, caring and festive culture. The team has grown, but it is still an aspect of the culture that is close to our hearts.

We regularly have team drinks organised spontaneously or not, weekends or even weeks of teambuilding - chateau, yurts or festival in Corsica, the experiences follow one another but are not the same...! This role is taken on by the Team People as well as by our Chief of Staff, who is the right-hand man and guarantor of the experience used at comet.

In what context

did you start Tribalee?

The comet adventure is experiencing significant growth, the stakes are changing and moving to another scale. The team naturally follows this trend. The context was therefore evolving towards more employees and less time to get to know each other individually.

However, we are all aware that the team and the bonds between each of its members are one of our greatest strengths. It would be a shame to keep only the cool imaginary from the startup. Proximity, ease of exchange and friendliness always appear as elements to be kept, even encouraged.

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What objectives are being met

Tribalee at Comet?

We wanted first of all to encourage links between the startup's employees: the format of the Random Lunch seems conducive to a real discussion, favoured by its regular and not very restrictive format. On the other hand, a group of four makes it easier for newcomers to meet people from other teams and discover the comet culture over a convivial meal.

In our offices, a large table in the central room usually allows us to have lunch on site. Getting together in small groups in a somewhat special context, outside the office, makes lunch a dynamic and reinvented team event!

How did you

set up Tribalee?

We knew about Random Lunch because most of our employees have taken the Lion training through The Family. I realized how effective the format was.

The adoption was fairly quick and unanimously adopted within the team, especially since lunch is an important break in our daily lives and should be enjoyable! It is also an initiative that makes it easy to animate the life of the company and allows those who want to participate to do so without constraint.

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