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Breakfast With
The Boss

Let's offer your employees the opportunity to meet with management on a timely basis!

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with a member of the management

The opportunity for a privileged, interactive and informative meeting between employees and the management team.

20 to 60 min
5 à 20
Office, Cafeteria or Visio
Recurring or one-off

Course of events

of a Breakfast With The Boss

Step 1


You select a date, a time, and Tribalee organizes your next Breakfast With The Boss® by itself!

Simple but sophisticated, you can also:
- contextualize by adding a description
- gamify by adding mini-games
- automate by adding a frequency
- customize by changing the algorithm

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Step 2


The ChatBot automatically prompts your collaborators to participate with a simple click, on the platform, by email or on mobile.

To ensure maximum participation, Tribalee will send out a reminder to non-registrants, taking into account any unavailability. And for ensure very low no-show ratehe sends an appointment in the calendar and a reminder to registrants.

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Step 3

Go to

On the day, the Tribalee algorithm divides all participants into groups of 4 and sends the appointments. It takes into account the lunch history to ensure that all employees meet over time.

You can also target the matches according to your objectives and manually change the groups if necessary.

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Step 4


At the end of Breakfast With The Boss, Tribalee systematically interviews all participants to gather their impressions, moods and feedback. You then receive a compilation of the mini-surveys and the statistics generated.

It's official, you've just experienced the team building revolution: a minimum of organization, for a maximum of information!

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ready for use

Tribalee produces all your internal communication supports to ensure high participation rates: illustrations, videos, emailings, posters, kakemonos...

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Why organize

of Breakfast With The Boss


Remove anonymity by allowing everyone to meet


Promote targeted meetings, especially for project teams


Efficiently integrate your new employees


Receive data and feedback at the end of each Random Lunch®.


Adapted to small businesses as well as to very large workforces


Geographically remote teams are video conferencing

"Wow" effect.

Satisfaction is measured, and you'll find that it's still high...

Plug & Play

Deploy Tribalee Instantly and in 1 click



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Mini-events can be organised occasionally or all year round.


Each mini-event can be customised according to the context.


Invitations are sent to everyone or to certain populations.


Participants are matched according to your meeting criteria.


Each group receives a score according to your meeting criteria.


Participants can easily exchange before a mini-event


of our users

Tribalee is all about mini-adventures, for great experiences...

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