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Groupe SEB France

As part of GROUPE SEB, world leader in domestic equipment, Groupe Seb France is responsible for marketing GROUPE SEB products in France through physical and digital distributors. 500 employees work within this organization to build up the product offer, reference them to distributors, deploy them at points of sale and on websites, and then trigger the act of buying and build consumer loyalty. The portfolio of marketed brands is made up of : TEFAL, SEB, CALOR, MOULINEX, KRUPS, ROWENTA, EMSA, WMF, LAGOSTINA.

What is your policy

of workplace wellness?

At the beginning of 2016, we launched a collective ambition to develop performance and well-being by co-constructing action plans with all managers and involving employee volunteers.

In terms of well-being, the approach aims to create the conditions for professional fulfilment and to release energies in the service of the collective dynamic.

In what context

did you start Tribalee?

By going to meet all of our employees at the end of 2016 through several half-days of sharing, we have identified all the irritants in our structure. Among these irritants, the fact that too many silos were formed, that people did not know each other well enough and did not manage to take the time to do so. In order to take action to solve this, we launched a working group with 6 employees.

Among the recommendations of this "breaking silos" circle was the idea of regular lunches with a draw for volunteer participants. It is in this context that we were interested in Random Lunch, a solution that is easy to use by employees and a management support in the organization of lunches.

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What objectives are being met

Tribalee in your company?

Through the lunches the objectives are to :
- to nourish team
spirit - to ensure that employees get to know each other better in order to nourish cooperation (stimulate collective intelligence)
- to encourage the integration of newcomers
- to develop conviviality

How did you communicate and contextualize

Tribalee to your employees during its deployment?

As Random Lunch was the result of a recommendation from a group of collaborators, this was clearly communicated at the launch.

A communication was made by the HR teams to present the functioning and modalities. The program is being rolled out for our employees at the Ecully site (200 people).

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What were the

key success factors?

Prior to the implementation, the principle of the Random Lunch was presented to all managers to encourage them to take part in the lunches and to promote it to their teams. We then decided to test the solution for 3 months with our employees to see if it met their expectations.

After this test phase, we launched a questionnaire to all participants to collect their feedback and get them to vote on extending the Random Lunch for another year. Following the positive feedback, a campaign was re-launched by the HR department to increase the number of registrants and in this context, testimonials from company users were relayed.

How was it received

the concept by the employees?

The reception was good. We now have about 120 people connected to the base. It is recognized the ease of access and connection to the platform.

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What results

have been observed?

Several results have been reported to us, including:
- expanded
networks - sharing of experiences
- discovery of professions
- increased user-friendliness
- fewer silos
- identification of synergies between services

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