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Anne Pery

Human Resources Manager @123Roulement

Head Office

A little more about


E-commerce specialized in bearings, spherical plain bearings, bearings, sealing rings and all associated products.

Can you

introduce you?

So, I'm HR at 123Roulement. My goal is to find the best talents to develop the company and to create a friendly and friendly environment, but also serious, to develop our company to the best of our ability.

What does

your business?

123Roulement is a modern hardware, e-merchant of industrial spare parts, individually and on the internet.

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How did it go

the entry to containment?

Rather serenely compared to other companies, since we already have the culture of teleworking, so all the tools were ready. It went rather well. Where we weren't ready at all was on the friendly side. In fact, we have a very tightly knit corporate culture and above all a lot of relationships between departments. The employees are not at all compartmentalized in their teams, so losing that overnight had a big impact on the morale of the teams.

How's morale

of the collaborators?

Pretty good, we thought it was going to go well, that it wasn't going to be that long...And then as the days went by, the morale between the subjects for the little friendly break was a little more in the socks.

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Why did you put

in Tribalee place?

This is why we chose to set up Tribalee in the company, precisely to overcome this lack of relationship between employees and to be able to keep the conviviality, the link between the teams. The tool really corresponds to our expectations and is based on a voluntary basis, it really allows us to adapt to each person and their needs.

What ritual

did you organize?

We chose the Coffee Roulette® ritual because it's the one that best suits the current situation, and we're really looking forward to having better sanitary conditions for the other rituals, especially the Breakfast With The Boss®, it's really something nice but for that it's worth having open restaurants!

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How did they react

your colleagues?

When Tribalee was introduced, the employees were first intrigued, then the tool was ergonomic and it was quickly launched.

What changes

brought Tribalee?

The break room at home ... The break room at home, our place of conviviality ! As we are private and we miss it, we have our little break room every day. We've fixed the rules a little bit, just so that it remains "The break room" at home.

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And Tribalee during


So, we're looking forward to testing the other rituals, including the Breakfast With The Boss®. We have a lot of new employees here, so Tribalee is already helping us integrate the whole company and employees into Coffee Roulette®. It helps us have a little more fun onboarding and we can push it along with the other rituals.
For some, it's not nice and they can't wait to get back to the office. But there are others who enjoy teleworking, so if we find solutions for them, the Coffee Roulette® will still be there.

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