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Daiana Hirte

Communication and Brand Director @Campings.com

Travel Tech
Head Office

A little more about


Campings.com is a leading European outdoor accommodation booking engine. Travel Tech with a passionate and specialist team of 105 employees.

Can you

introduce you?

I'm Daiana Hirte, I'm the Communications and Brand Manager for Campings.com.

What does

your business?

Campings.com is a booking engine for outdoor accommodation, leader in Europe, it is a very nice Travel Tech with a passionate and specialized team of 105 employees.

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Why did you put

in Tribalee place?

So for several reasons: Firstly, we thought of Tribalee as part of our objective to improve the quality of life at work, which we were working on with Great Place To Work. The idea was to facilitate exchanges between the business teams, which are present on two sites, Paris and Le Mans, but also with the sales teams in the field.

Then we also wanted to strengthen cohesion and exchanges, particularly in the context of teleworking during the health crisis.

And finally, it was also to facilitate the onboarding of new employees, we have recruited quite a few people since October 2020.

What ritual

did you organize?

We organise about one ritual per month, both Coffee Roulette® to try to understand all the company's businesses and to have the opportunity to exchange with employees who are different from our daily office life.

And the CEO Breakfast® to facilitate the sharing of the company's vision and the challenges of the different teams.

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How did they react

your colleagues?

We immediately noticed an enthusiasm and an immediate adhesion of the employees, we have a participation rate for each ritual which is about 50%.
So we can see that it is a real pleasure to take the time to exchange with each other.

We have also noticed a very good dynamic between the sales teams in the field, and we can say that today everyone is waiting for the next rituals with impatience and curiosity!

What changes

brought Tribalee?

Since the introduction of the Tribalee rituals at Campings.com, we have in fact given rhythm to internal communication.
It has helped to install a dynamic of exchange between employees.

We can say that sharing between us is no longer an objective but has become a reality thanks to Tribalee.
The CEO Breakfast® has also helped to illustrate the accessibility of management.

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How's morale

of the collaborators?

So obviously with the confinements and extended teleworking, it can sometimes be difficult, but it's important to keep the link that unites us even in this particular context.

Today we can see that morale is good, that the dynamic is still there, notably thanks to the growth of the activity, the development of the company, but also thanks to these small informal moments that we are lucky enough to be able to share.

Do you have any anecdotes

to share?

Two anecdotes: The first is that I systematically receive messages at the end of each ritual.
Always different people, but in any case I always receive little messages to tell me that it was great, that it was top notch, that they had a good time...

And the second little anecdote is the expectation of employees for the selection of the people who are going to participate in the CEO Breakfast®.
There are always some disappointed people, of course, but as we organise several of these events during the year, I think that they may finally have the opportunity to do so.
But this shows that there is a real need for it.

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One last one


We're all looking forward to the new Tribalee features, of course, but more importantly, we're looking forward to playing Coffee Roulette® for real!



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