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Berenice Frager

Employer Brand & Internal Communication Manager @Micropole

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A little more about


Micropole is a digital consulting and services company (ESN), established in France, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and China1. Specialized in digital transformation, Performance Management and Data Governance, the Group supports business departments.

Can you

introduce you?

My name is Bérénice, I am responsible for internal communication and the employer brand at Micropole.

What does

your business?

Micropole is a group with 30 years of expertise and is made up of more than 1,000 consultants who work on a daily basis to optimise companies' data assets. We are a consulting firm, a digital agency and an ESN (Entreprise de Service du Numérique - Digital Service Company), to make data-intelligent companies.

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How did it go

the entry to containment?

Great, we had organised a task force as early as February, which enabled us to anticipate the move to full teleworking.

Why did you have

set up Tribalee?

At Micropole, we are very attached to moments of sharing. For example, we organize an event almost every week, whether it's team building or team parties.

Looking at a little bit at the initiatives that were being proposed at that particular time, I discovered Tribalee and I immediately hooked on the concept. That's why I fell in love with it and it all went very quickly.

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What were the

key success factors?

We chose Breakfast With The Boss® and Coffee Roulette®. I found that these two events complemented each other quite well since they are two very different formats: one that allows you to have a small coffee with colleagues after lunch; another that allows you to spend a privileged moment with the general management, and to spend the day well.

How did they react

your colleagues?

We received a great welcome, they loved to share these moments and the pleasure of getting together and spending a little time together despite the period of confinement.

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What changes

brought Tribalee?

Tribalee allowed us to get together, to find those little moments of informal exchange that we all appreciate and that we missed so much.
But above all what we really appreciated was the fact that the algorithm makes it possible to meet people with whom we are not necessarily used to exchanging ideas, because we have agencies in Levallois, Nantes, Rennes, Niort, Aix-en-provence or even Lille, and it's always nice to meet colleagues that we are not used to meeting on the premises.

Do you have any anecdotes

to share?

Yes, I do.
It was that little moment when I shared virtual croissants with my management.

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One last one


I would say I'm looking forward to discovering more rituals, especially Gorilla Peanut® and Secret Santa®.

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