Meeting with

Charlotte Clément

Human Resources Manager @PrestaShop

Head Office

A little more about


PrestaShop is an open source web application to create an online store for e-commerce.

Can you

introduce you?

My name is Charlotte Clément and I have been in charge of Human Resources at Prestashop for 3 years.

What does

your business?

So, PrestaShop is an e-commerce platform, launched in 2007, which is the leader in Europe and Latin America and allows everyone to create their online shop and develop their sales, locally or internationally.

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How did it go

the entry to containment?

I would say as best as possible, given the context.
We have focused on two pillars: organization and support. First with the implementation of teleworking very early, even before government announcements, in order to reassure employees and send them a proactive and protective message. Then we had to adapt our HR processes, and afterwards, standardize our tools as we went along. And the second pillar was to support our managers by providing them with tools to enable them to adapt their face-to-face processes to teleworking. And to support our teams, we have opted for more internal communication, more follow-up, and more transparency on current and future projects.

How's morale

of the collaborators?

I would like to say that this is our greatest pride because after several months, the balance sheet has value, it is super positive! We're lucky to have a committed, mobilised team, who immediately understood our essential role in our ecosystem, which was very much affected by the Covid-19 crisis.

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Why did you put

in Tribalee place?

I implemented Tribalee at PrestaShop for two reasons: The first reason was the demand of our employees, who wanted to have lunch with other team members. And the second reason: to create team bonding and to strengthen our cohesion.

What ritual

did you organize?

Starting last year with the Random Lunch®. Since the lockdown and our teleworking situation, we switched to Coffee Roulette®.

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How did they react

your colleagues?

Unsurprisingly, very positive, since it was both a response to their request and to a willingness on our part.

What changes

brought Tribalee?

What was expected was: links, facilitated exchanges, an improved atmosphere, and consequently, better operational collaboration between teams.

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Do you have any anecdotes

to share?

I can think of two little anecdotes: The first one is that at PrestaShop, we are located in Paris; during the first Random Lunch®, two teams found themselves eating in the same restaurant, so the Random 3 ended up as a Random 6, and in the end, for their greatest pleasure! And the second little anecdote is that during a Coffee Roulette®, two employees discovered that they were "twins", that they were born on the same date, the same month, at the same time.

And Tribalee during


Well, we continue, we are super happy, in Coffee Roulette® until we return to the office, and then afterwards, in Random Lunch®.

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One last one


The last word, I will address it to you Tribalee, to tell you that it is an excellent tool for team building, and that it participates at its scale, to the quality of the collaborator experience, experience which, for me, is at the center of my mission as HR at PrestaShop.

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