Meeting with

Laure Wernert Feys

Communication and Marketing Manager @RSM Paris

Head Office

A little more about

RSM Paris

RSM is the world's 6th largest audit, consulting and public accounting network, present in more than 120 countries. It currently brings together more than 43,000 employees and partners.

Can you

introduce you?

My name is Laure Feys, I am in charge of internal communication at RSM Paris.

What does

your business?

RSM France is the 6th international network of audit, consulting and expertise. In France it is the same, it is a set of networks and independent firms,
which provide expertise, advice and audit.

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How did it go

the entry to containment?

Unexpected, unexpected for everyone!

Why is the morale

of the collaborators?

At the last survey, on a scale of 5 we were at 4,
so not bad.

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Why did you put

in Tribalee place?

Because there are 500 of us, because we don't all know each other and
because we want to change heads.

What ritual

did you organize?

We started and continue with Coffee Roulette®, at 3, every Wednesday.

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How did they react

your colleagues?

Only good echoes:

- "super",
- "super-sympa moment",
- "great",
- "we are delighted to discover each other",

everyone is enthusiastic so we continue.

What changes

brought Tribalee?

It's the surprising little rendezvous of the week,
that we're waiting for, and above all discovering who we are with so that we can have our coffee in the morning, it's a nice and unexpected moment. It's a change from more formal team meetings.

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Do you have any anecdotes

to share?

On the first date, I met two trainees who were confined to their rooms, under the roof, and they were a bit down in the dumps, so I tried to make them laugh as much as I could, it was a very moving and nice moment.

And Tribalee during


Let's keep going, of course!
For the moment we are still confined so we continue,
and after the confinement we continue Tribalee, for real.

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One last one


Hurry! Can't wait to do Tribalee for real, can't wait to do the next ritual: Breakfast With The boss®.

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